Amazing symphony p6 battery power saving information

Symphony is the familiar name for the people who are the user of a smart mobile phone in Bangladesh. A few days ago the company launched a mobile called Symphony Xplorer p6, which gain a lot of public concentration. Without an only one reason that symphony p6 battery is pretty weak, the phone have the better configuration. Here we are going to discuss who you can increase the battery of symphony p6 smartphone.

Increase symphony p6 battery lasting time

The phone have a large 3GB ram, 13 megapixel and the front 5-megapixel camera with lots of powerful sensors. From the corner of that much Symphony Xplorer, p6 have the only 2500mAh battery. Operated the whole system of the phone by 2500 mAh battery is a just like a burden. As an example, the user can browse the internet or play game long time, and before they over it, the phone may become turn off for. Follow us carefully to increase battery backup time of the phone.
  • Shut down all app notification. It is not important to having a better mobile phone using experience.
  • Use manual brightness. Symphony p6 have brightness sensor. It will cut a lot of sources. That’s why to turn off the auto brightness and turn on the manual sensor.
  • The black background or wallpaper is suitable for using sustainable. Try this.
  • Is that important to turn on touch sound, touch vibrate or screen lock sound? Shut down the feature. This step will save well battery life.
  • Most of the time, your mobile are on neutral mood. So it is also the not important thing to run background apps. Turn off all those background apps. And use memory booster.
  • Finally, go to google play store and collect a well android battery saver app like DU battery saver.

After over all those steps, restart the phone. And it will increase the symphony p6 battery lasting time. Check the camera feature symphony p6 here.