Intel Core i3 and i5 processor price in Bangladesh with details

At the current time in Bangladesh, the need of computer and desktop accessories have become too larger. Most of the people are moving here to use the smartphone and fast computer. That’s why know processor price in Bangladesh become more important here. In this short article, we are trying to present here about the price of Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processor price in Bangladesh with their features.

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As usual, Intel is one of best computer accessories and Processor Company worldwide. Most of the people from Bangladesh are like to select a there processor from the company. Prices are pretty high here. But the trend of this company does not become change.

Intel Core i3 processor price in Bangladesh 

At the focus of Bangladesh, Intel Core i3 processor are pretty backdated here. But still, people are loved to buy this processor. This fourth generation (4G) processor have 3MB cache memory. It’s a two core processor with FCLGA1150 socket enable a feature. Intel HD 4400 integrate graphic card with DDR3 type. Ask about the device on the market with Intel Core i3 4160.

  • Warranty and Safety: depend on the location the warranty of the desktop drive are started from 6 months to 3 years. Dealers or shop owners never change the device if it will burn for using mistake. 
  • Price: the price is started from 8,500 to 9,200 taka.

Intel Core i5 processor price in Bangladesh 

Recently in Bangladesh Intel Core i5 computer processor are become more popular. Because peoples love to work faster. The third generation (3G) core i5 processor in Bangladesh have become more popular. The 3350p processor has 3.1 GHz speed and 4MB case memory. This is also supported DDR3 type memory output.

  • Warranty and Safety: According to shop and dealers user will gain six months to one year warranty. As usual, if user destroys the processor by his fault, the seller will not repair or replace the product. 
  • The price of Intel Core i5: the price is started to 8,500 to 10,000 taka. And most of the sellers do not become agree with money return policy. 

There is few duplicate product in Bangladesh what are in low price. Be alert from that product. Duplicate product may harm on your device. Few people are like to use the product of another brand .Check another processor price in Bangladesh on our website with their description.